Battle Log 15-2-2015: Crimson Fists vs Space Wolves


G’day! Time to put ye feet up and read another blog post! Lucky you ay!

This time from me you get the rare chance to read a battle report,even rarer I made notes so I could actually remember what happened! Following up from my last post which was a preview to what was to come,we didn’t actually play any of the games we had planned! Instead we just jumped into games as people appeared and for me that was a small wait while scribe et al arrived. While I waited stef,Dan,James and Gareth where already under way with their games (can’t remember who played who but I remember stef borrowed some of my gameyness to table James). So I had a quick look at some of the minis in the cabinet which included the new dread (looks a bit better in person) and the mighty Alexis Polux painted my James (@JamesBragg1984) I believe!

20150215_101411 20150215_101419

Really can’t wait for my Polux to arrive from Paul! but gonna paint mine up in the better colours of the mighty crimson fists!

Also here is a quick pick of what i ended up taking with me, I took enough to play 2k if needed as well,but never did so the Spartan and talon never saw action.



Once scribe turned up we quickly set up into a game. Mission was purge the alien as it’s a quick and easy one to play. From the quick scribbles I made, scribe brought with him a lord on a wolf for HQ with 3 thunderwolf calv,a sqd of termies in a flying longboat,2 lone wolves,3x5man grey hunters w/plasma guns,long fangs (1 plas cannon,2 las and 1 ml?). I managed to roll higher and chose to set up and go 1st and this is how I set myself up.


As I knew I wouldn’t be starting with much on the board and no idea how scribe would set up I kept all my stuff fairly close together and deployed the scouts in the bastion. Idea would be to keep my stuff together and have weight of numbers!

and scribe set up like this:


So not a lot on the field either! I smelt an early blood! However scribe rolls a 6 and steals the initiative! Balls!

Scribe turn 1: Tbh not much happens! He slowly moves some stuff forward,and his long fangs fire killing 2 tact marines!

My turn 1:  Drop pod lands next to his grey hunters which unload everything they have but only managing to kill 3 grey hunters! sisters and tact move forward a bit as well.


Scribe turn 2: Fails all his reserve rolls! Nothing new arrives! Moves forward a bit more and both his grey hunter sqds kill 2 marines and the long fangs kill another 2!


My turn 2: The Raptor and Termies arrive! But the avenger Stays off for now! I teleported the termies sorta close to his wolves in hopes I could do some damage in the psychic phase, But as always,bugger all happens! So in the shooting phase I try to move them back a bit to make the wolves come to me. The raptor on the other hand minces up a squad of grey hunters with ease giving me 2vp! (1st blood and unit dead). Tactical squad finishes off the other grey hunter squad giving me another vp! while the other tact squad kills a grey hunter. And the sisters ran again trying to get into battle! Score 3-0


Scribe turn 3: All reserves come on! 2 lone wolves deep strike while the Flying longboat swoops in and kills the raptor with its damned multimeltas! damn ap1 bollocks! Long fangs kill 2 more with the plasma cannon. The lord with the TW charge the termies and challenges my Libby! My Libby survives his onslaught and hits back and takes a wound off him while one of the termies takes a wound off another wolf,however my rolls where poor on my inv saves and a termie dies! However I win the combat by 1! But nothing happens and they stay in combat! Score 3-1


(I admit I got lazy and forgot to take  photos for the rest of the game after this!)

My turn 3: Avenger arrives from reserves and get revenge on the flying long-boat! Firing 15 shots straight into the wolves flyer and completely takes it out! However it crashes right into the fight between the termies and wolves! Killing one of my guys! (My saves for my termies were terrible..) and all his termies in the flyer come out without a scratch! My Canoness See’s the lone wolf in her sights and goes straight for him! And dodges,dips,dives,ducks and..dodges..his swings and kills him in one round of combat! But in the Libby death match he was overwhelmed (and bad rolls on saves!) and finally dies along with one more termie,but the other one keeps them all locked up in combat! Score 4-3

Scribe turn 4: The canoness gets shot at by a rapid-firing plasma gun and with her faith in the emperor passes 2 inv saves! While my termie lives on keeping his thunderwolves in combat!

My turn 4: The avenger flies off the board after its dog fight while the tact marine with grav gun takes a wound off the lone wolf while the heavy bolter finishes him off! The Canoness on a high after killing a lone wolf and fending off 2 plasma shots charges the 3 grey hunters…and slices and dices them all! Killing all 3! How ever my termie finally dies letting the wolves go free who head towards my SoB squad! Score 6-4

Scribe turn 5: This was going to be the final turn as we where getting hungry,it was make or break for both sides! His thunderwolves and lord charge…and kill all my sisters! Noooooo! And his termies finish off my tact sqd! His thunderwolves try to consolidate towards my table edge to get line-breaker…but falls short by an inch! (That’s what she said!). Score 6-6

My final turn! Avenger comes roaring back on killing 2 lone fangs while the canoness kills one! But that’s all! How ever my other tact squad had been doing a runner right into the corner to score me line breaker! Giving me a narrow win of 7-6!

This really was a great game. I know my main mistake was running my sisters and tact the wrong way around the ruins in the middle to keep them away from the wolves. Also another turning point was my raptor dying quickly and my termies making rubbish saves! Was hoping to keep the wolves locked in combat for as long as possible! If this game carried on into turns 6/7 I do think scribe could had nicked a win or even a draw as the wolves would had killed the last tact sqd and also could had got line breaker giving him 8 vp. How ever my canoness who was a killing machine would had minced the last of the long fangs giving me an extra vp while the avenger would surely had done some damage. So I predict it would had ended 8-8 if we carried on! Great game with scribe sure he will want a rematch soon!

After lunch I teamed up with Dan and his Hammers of Dorn,in a Sons of Dorn match up vs pauls fists and Gareth BT!

No battle report here as I was tired and lazy at this point but was a great game but Paul and Gareth called it in turn 4 as me and dan where starting to get the upper hand and we where running out of time! I do have a few pics from the game mind!

20150215_155757 20150215_161547 20150215_161552 20150215_162335

I really did enjoy using the avenger and my canoness so will be looking into making an army out of them soon! AS always I had a great day out with the lads having a laugh and catching up again. That’s it for today,how ever its club night tomorrow for ws10gaming and I get to make my 1st club meet! 1500points of highlander practice against andrew hodges! I’ve beaten his bro stu,but can I do the double over the brothers? Lets find out! Till next time! Keep painting,keep rollin’ them dice!

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