Battle Log 15-2-2015: Crimson Fists vs Space Wolves


G’day! Time to put ye feet up and read another blog post! Lucky you ay!

This time from me you get the rare chance to read a battle report,even rarer I made notes so I could actually remember what happened! Following up from my last post which was a preview to what was to come,we didn’t actually play any of the games we had planned! Instead we just jumped into games as people appeared and for me that was a small wait while scribe et al arrived. While I waited stef,Dan,James and Gareth where already under way with their games (can’t remember who played who but I remember stef borrowed some of my gameyness to table James). So I had a quick look at some of the minis in the cabinet which included the new dread (looks a bit better in person) and the mighty Alexis Polux painted my James (@JamesBragg1984) I believe!

20150215_101411 20150215_101419

Really can’t wait for my Polux to arrive from Paul! but gonna paint mine up in the better colours of the mighty crimson fists!

Also here is a quick pick of what i ended up taking with me, I took enough to play 2k if needed as well,but never did so the Spartan and talon never saw action.



Once scribe turned up we quickly set up into a game. Mission was purge the alien as it’s a quick and easy one to play. From the quick scribbles I made, scribe brought with him a lord on a wolf for HQ with 3 thunderwolf calv,a sqd of termies in a flying longboat,2 lone wolves,3x5man grey hunters w/plasma guns,long fangs (1 plas cannon,2 las and 1 ml?). I managed to roll higher and chose to set up and go 1st and this is how I set myself up.


As I knew I wouldn’t be starting with much on the board and no idea how scribe would set up I kept all my stuff fairly close together and deployed the scouts in the bastion. Idea would be to keep my stuff together and have weight of numbers!

and scribe set up like this:


So not a lot on the field either! I smelt an early blood! However scribe rolls a 6 and steals the initiative! Balls!

Scribe turn 1: Tbh not much happens! He slowly moves some stuff forward,and his long fangs fire killing 2 tact marines!

My turn 1:  Drop pod lands next to his grey hunters which unload everything they have but only managing to kill 3 grey hunters! sisters and tact move forward a bit as well.


Scribe turn 2: Fails all his reserve rolls! Nothing new arrives! Moves forward a bit more and both his grey hunter sqds kill 2 marines and the long fangs kill another 2!


My turn 2: The Raptor and Termies arrive! But the avenger Stays off for now! I teleported the termies sorta close to his wolves in hopes I could do some damage in the psychic phase, But as always,bugger all happens! So in the shooting phase I try to move them back a bit to make the wolves come to me. The raptor on the other hand minces up a squad of grey hunters with ease giving me 2vp! (1st blood and unit dead). Tactical squad finishes off the other grey hunter squad giving me another vp! while the other tact squad kills a grey hunter. And the sisters ran again trying to get into battle! Score 3-0


Scribe turn 3: All reserves come on! 2 lone wolves deep strike while the Flying longboat swoops in and kills the raptor with its damned multimeltas! damn ap1 bollocks! Long fangs kill 2 more with the plasma cannon. The lord with the TW charge the termies and challenges my Libby! My Libby survives his onslaught and hits back and takes a wound off him while one of the termies takes a wound off another wolf,however my rolls where poor on my inv saves and a termie dies! However I win the combat by 1! But nothing happens and they stay in combat! Score 3-1


(I admit I got lazy and forgot to take  photos for the rest of the game after this!)

My turn 3: Avenger arrives from reserves and get revenge on the flying long-boat! Firing 15 shots straight into the wolves flyer and completely takes it out! However it crashes right into the fight between the termies and wolves! Killing one of my guys! (My saves for my termies were terrible..) and all his termies in the flyer come out without a scratch! My Canoness See’s the lone wolf in her sights and goes straight for him! And dodges,dips,dives,ducks and..dodges..his swings and kills him in one round of combat! But in the Libby death match he was overwhelmed (and bad rolls on saves!) and finally dies along with one more termie,but the other one keeps them all locked up in combat! Score 4-3

Scribe turn 4: The canoness gets shot at by a rapid-firing plasma gun and with her faith in the emperor passes 2 inv saves! While my termie lives on keeping his thunderwolves in combat!

My turn 4: The avenger flies off the board after its dog fight while the tact marine with grav gun takes a wound off the lone wolf while the heavy bolter finishes him off! The Canoness on a high after killing a lone wolf and fending off 2 plasma shots charges the 3 grey hunters…and slices and dices them all! Killing all 3! How ever my termie finally dies letting the wolves go free who head towards my SoB squad! Score 6-4

Scribe turn 5: This was going to be the final turn as we where getting hungry,it was make or break for both sides! His thunderwolves and lord charge…and kill all my sisters! Noooooo! And his termies finish off my tact sqd! His thunderwolves try to consolidate towards my table edge to get line-breaker…but falls short by an inch! (That’s what she said!). Score 6-6

My final turn! Avenger comes roaring back on killing 2 lone fangs while the canoness kills one! But that’s all! How ever my other tact squad had been doing a runner right into the corner to score me line breaker! Giving me a narrow win of 7-6!

This really was a great game. I know my main mistake was running my sisters and tact the wrong way around the ruins in the middle to keep them away from the wolves. Also another turning point was my raptor dying quickly and my termies making rubbish saves! Was hoping to keep the wolves locked in combat for as long as possible! If this game carried on into turns 6/7 I do think scribe could had nicked a win or even a draw as the wolves would had killed the last tact sqd and also could had got line breaker giving him 8 vp. How ever my canoness who was a killing machine would had minced the last of the long fangs giving me an extra vp while the avenger would surely had done some damage. So I predict it would had ended 8-8 if we carried on! Great game with scribe sure he will want a rematch soon!

After lunch I teamed up with Dan and his Hammers of Dorn,in a Sons of Dorn match up vs pauls fists and Gareth BT!

No battle report here as I was tired and lazy at this point but was a great game but Paul and Gareth called it in turn 4 as me and dan where starting to get the upper hand and we where running out of time! I do have a few pics from the game mind!

20150215_155757 20150215_161547 20150215_161552 20150215_162335

I really did enjoy using the avenger and my canoness so will be looking into making an army out of them soon! AS always I had a great day out with the lads having a laugh and catching up again. That’s it for today,how ever its club night tomorrow for ws10gaming and I get to make my 1st club meet! 1500points of highlander practice against andrew hodges! I’ve beaten his bro stu,but can I do the double over the brothers? Lets find out! Till next time! Keep painting,keep rollin’ them dice!

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Strike from the skies!

G’day warmongers/warmongerettes!
Hope you’re all good and well! And hope all ye hobby is going to plan!
This sunday sees me having my first games of the year! Yay! I’ll be off to warhammer world with the warhammer wanderers lads as we call ourselves! This group of good ol boys who are going on sunday includes:-
Stef @stefgingerball
Paul @Dorns_Templar
Gareth @gcp129
Jason @jasonbarnard86
Scribe (sean) @AfroSamurai1985
Mike ‘the hobbit’
Dan @TolSenti
Bryn @BamBamBeast
And also coming along who I’ve met briefly are harry, andy and mikes dad.
We normally meet up every few months or so to roll dice, have a laugh and eat the awesome food in bugmans. And also a good chance for people to get there fw fix! *looks at bryn!*
We mostly play apoc type games as its a good chance for us to all play at the same time and get the big toys out! However this time round we’ve decided to run some smaller games of 1500pts. We’ve managed to book out 4 tables which means theres going to be 2 lots of doubles games going on (well one 1v2 game and a 2v2) which will be 2k a side. So we’ve already sorted the 1st game out which will see me take on both stef and scribe in a 1v2 match up. No idea what stef will be using but I’m assuming there might be a fireraptor in there! And I know scribe plays as wolves so some termies,wolves and maybe a landraider! Gonna be hard! And for the games after that stef plans to pull names out of a hat so we get some random opponent’s.
I’ve decided to go for a bit of a fun/experimental list which prob isnt competitive but has stuff in it that I like and just want to use!
So here it is:


There’s my 1500 list and also the extra 500pts I’ll be using in the 1st game. If I end up playing doubles again with someone I’ll just drop the sisters. Also this list I get to use sisters properly for the 1st time as well as letting the avenger have its maiden flight!
As you can see I’m running it along side my fireraptor! Just to make sure I have superior firepower in the skies!


It should be a fun day out and always good to meet up with this lot as they’re a great bunch of lads. I’ll hopefully try to make notes on the day and hope to write up a battle report afterwards! Win lose or draw I aim to have fun and a good laugh.
Well that’s it for now! Hopefully next time I post it will be of a glorious victory!
Till then keep on painting everyone!





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New year, new models…new plans..

Happy new year and all that jazz!
Hope you’ve all had a good festive season and got plenty of goodies! This is one of those rare posts I find the time/energy to write up!
So 2014 ay? Hobby wise I’ve pushed myself each step of the way, firstly by getting my first airbrush which has helped loads! Has sped up my base coating and also helped me shade my models more. First model of then year I finished was the fireraptor! Ironically the first model I’m doing this year is the avenger so start as I mean to go on ay!


Was really pleased how this came out. At the time was the biggest and most challenging fw build I have ever tried and also the firdt try with the airbrush. Was really happy how this came out and even had the wizard that is nigel bartlett do the canopy glass for me!
On wards and upwards ay? The next thing I was really proud of in 2014 was another first, painting yellow! And only one cracking model I could try it on..the fantastic imperial knight! I went with hawkshroud as I loved the fluff behing them and also the link with imperial fists. But the character that stood out most was Hanrald.
Not seen many of him painted but for a first bash at yellow I was really proud of how it came out.


Although mainly used by liam humpage from the ws10 lads! I really pushed myself with this and wanted the challenge of yellow as I know loads of peope maon about it! Hopefully in the near future I’ll pick up a few more knights as they are fantastic models.
On to ths final model I painted of the year, ths typhon siege tank. Want another great kit by fw and great rules wise as well. Really felt I was starting to get the hang of the airbrush and also other techniques like weathering and decals as well.


Really liking the colour I’m getting now with my fists and think I’ve got it down to a tee to how I want it. So 2015 is shaping up well for my fists as I plan to finish the rest of my company of marines! Never intended to make a full battle company but hey, things in hobby land always spiral out of control!
But theres one more model I missed out and you all prob know what that is…yes…the reaver. This by far is the best thing I’ve painted and by far the model I’m most proud of to date. I know I’m no pro painted and I’m always modest about my skills. But with tips from twitter land and the masterclass books I really went to town on this model trying lots of new methods. At times I could had easily given up as things didn’t always go to plan, or painting the trim made me want to put my head in the oven (I have a electric oven so I would just get a warm head…). But I kept pushing and going and was worth all the long days, headaches, glued fingers etc and in the end got my resin baby beast. Still can’t believe I have one, I’ve painted one. I still remember looking at the old titan pics from the 90s and epic thinking how awesome a titan was. And here it is


Yes it probably won’t win a golden demon, yes it doesn’t have loads of fancy free hand. But I’m bloody happy with it and proud of what I’ve done. So if you’re still reading this and going ‘I could never paint like x y and x person, I could never paint or build a model like that’. Shut up, you can. Hell if I can do it anyone can. Keep going, keep trying, make mistakes and keep learning!
So what does 2015 hold? Well starting off with the avenger. Then I’m buying the rest of my company so my painting this will include :-
30 tactical marines
20 assualt maines
10 devs
Command sqd
Ven dread and normal dread
Drop pod and 3 fw rhinos.
Then after that I have in my pile:-
Sisters of battle
3 cents
5 scouts
2 speeders
5 termies
Termie libby
Space hulk
Assualt ram (when I finally buy it off wheeler)
And think that’s it?
Right time to wrap this post up! Just a quick thanks to all the awesome #warmongers for your support last year! The warhammer world wanderers lot for all the ace games we have and stef and bryn for organising the games when we go. And also a big shout for the ws10 gamining crew for welcoming me into their fold as the outsider from northants! And to pete humpage for the use of his garage for the game nights! Never met a more welcoming group of people than the whw wanderers and ws10 gaming. Made what could had been a crap year into a positive one!
I hope you all have a great 2015 and keep on painting!

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Titan Project: Iudicium Iracundus – week 2

G’day all! Back again after a week off feeling like shite with a cold and coughing my lungs up!
So with myself feeling a bit better (still coughing my other lung up) I managed to crack on and start the assembly! Wooo.
Still can’t believe I actually own this beast! Is a great model minus the mold lines in places!
Starting with the legs I grabbed the epoxy and got going. 1st part is the upper leg part.



And then once the thigh bit was dryed I then got the epoxy out again and stuck the thighs to the pelvis.
You might noticed I havent pinned anything yet…and I won’t as a) I’m lazy b) I don’t feel theres a need to, if there was fw would say. Plus the jp weld stuff seems and sounds solid enough.
One thing I’ve realised is epoxy takes ages to set (15-24hours..) so some parts will slow me down a bit by leaving bits to dry. Not too bad as I leave it to dry over night/while I’m at work the next day.
After this I then started on the lower legs.


Still can’t get over how tall this is going to be! As you can see I’m going with a fairly static pose with the right leg slightly forward as if it’s just taking its 1st step after being unloaded. I dont want to over complicate the build by having it stepping on anything etc.



While the knee joint was drying I put together the rocket launcher and laser blaster. Tbh both really simple parts to put together. I’ll be magnitising the laser blaster and melta cannon for transport reasons and also if I decide to get the gatling cannon as well. Aldo again the laser is huge!
Also put the mounts on the leg plates which I’ll paint separate then glue after.


And then today I’ve managed to put the lower pistons onto the leg and the knee joint pistons!


So for my 1st week of building think its coming along nicely! No hobby this weekend as I’ll be in brum tomorrow for a gig then at warhammer world on sunday with the lads from #ws10gaming! Playing against red steal prestons boyz! Should be a good laugh! Then next week I plan to finish putting the pelvis pistons on and pelvis armour and pipes, and then add the toes as well and go from there! 
So till next time! Keep on hobbying! If I can build this reaver I expect loads o hobby from you #warmongers


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Titan Project: Iudicium Iracundus – week 1

Hello! Hope you are all well and feeling better than me!
Currently I feel like death and have done for a few days. Damn papa nurgle!
But alas I managed to get some hobby done today!
Nothing majorly exciting from me this week I’m afraid, it’s mostly been prep work, oh the joys of prep work….
This has mostly involved giving it all a good clean to start with in soapy water…this took a while….so so much resin….


In the space the resin took up I could prob fit the whole of my crimson fists army! But must say it felt never ending washing and scrubbing this down! Patience is a must I feel with this model!
Then the fun part…removing it from the spruce and filing it all down cleaning up the mold lines woooo…





Happy days! Now thats all done I can start assembling it next week hopefully 🙂 I know this is a big model but to put it into perspective heres a few pics next to hanrald from hawkshroud…although I might rename him tiny tim.



Top pic is just the torso next to the knight and bottom the leg! Gonna be a tall one I think! Which makes me now wonder…where the hell will I put it when I’m done….but that’s for another day.
Anyway thats about it for now, hopefully next week will be more interesting! But I leave you with a pic of my finished sternguard! Hazzah!


Till next time, keep on hobbying!

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The Titan Project:Codename Iudicium Iracundus

*Blows dust from thee ol blog*

*cough cough*

Welcome back! Dusting of the old blog again as you may see!
Thought today would be a good time to clear off the dust and restart the blogging again in time for my next big project ‘iudicium iracundus’.
As the title suggests I’m make the decision(albeit slightly mad) choice of spending my savings and birthday money on a Reaver titan from good ol forgeworld.
Now this will be the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken, and feeling both excited and bit nervous about getting my hands one it! After getting the 2nd forgeworld masterclass book for my bday ita given me loads of inspiration and ideas how to paint it and new techniques to try out.
I’ll be doing my best to keep weekly up to date progress on how I’m getting on and the ups and (hopefully few) downs on building this beast of a model. I already almost took a finger off building the spartan so I might lose a arm doing this!
But I shall prepare buy watching youtube vids and asking people in the know for hints and tips when needed.
Now the Legio I’ll be going with are Legio Crucius.


Apart from being a great looking and fairly straightforward paint job (hopefully, not looking forward to the cheques on the knee!), I’ve pick this legio for there hatred of orks!(sorry graham wilson and other ork lovers!). This ties in with my crimson fists and I want to write some fluff at somepoint saying these legio helped on rynns world etc.
Had 2 orders arrive today already woo!



Paints and magnets yay! Again lots of paints in here I’ve notnused before like the inks but I’ll be following the fw book when it comes to using them. The mags are pretty darn strong and evwn come with warning instructions! So will be great holding the guns soni can swap em over when I buy the other weapons.

Really can’t wait for this to arrive now and to get cracking on it! Aim to have it finished by end of nov if all goes to plan!

Till next time, keep on hobbying!

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Go really big or go home!

ozrax's Blog

I finally get to play the big game! While I have played lots of big multiplayer games, I have never had the chance to play a big 1 on 1 game. So the game at Warhammer world will be over 5600 per side. As with all apoc games, the points total is little but a guide. I am taking the ultramarine 2nd company, led by the utterly brilliant Cato Sicarus taking on the Astra millitera, lead by a lord Bromhead, (count as creed). It will be our first game using 7th ed and the 1st time for many new units, including my newly painted thunderhawk!

So, how the hell do you plan for something so big? Well, the normal approach is take the lot and just have fun. Nothing wrong with this, but I wanted to build a ‘fluffy’ army. The game will be for a large bridge. There will…

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The Wargaming Bear


A change from normal broadcasting today (you are getting 2 posts)…

So the fund-raising continues, this time we are looking at dice…

That’s right I am bringing dice to the masses, simply they will be green dice with WAAC as the 6.
So everyone wants to roll a WAAC 😉 I am working with to create these dice, they will be 16mm dice.


So now for the cost I am asking for £1 per dice plus £1 for postage. But I am willing to do 10 dice for £10.


If you are wanting different quantities let me know using the form below and we can work from there.
Once I have a total number I will be requesting payment via PayPal this will allow me to put in the order and get them shipped out ASAP. So ALL profit will be added to the just giving page…

View original post 46 more words

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#WAAC update 2

The Wargaming Bear


Here we are at update 2, again the level of support continues to grow. This weeks big news is we have a poster for people to use as they wish, my thanks to Sai Harris for creating it. More people have signed up AND we have a painting competition on the way 🙂

I have also been on Fools Daily so make sure you go have a listen.


Again thanks to Sai Harris for putting this together for me. Clicking on the image will take you to a pdf of the poster for use 🙂

WAAC Poster WAAC Poster

Painting Competition

So Mr Rich Smith came up with the idea of a painting competition for WAAC 🙂 this is a great idea so we may as well get the ball rolling. The rules are simple;

1) Donate £5 (or equivalent) to the WAAC donation page, making sure to say you are…

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The Day WS10 Gaming went to war…hammer world

G’day wonderful people!

Back once again with another blog post to keep you all entertained for a few mins!

At the weekend the #WS10Gaming crew went off to warhammer world to take on some power gamers from around the Midlands in the Midlands 40k Inter Club Team Challenge! And must say as always its great to meet up with the lads to socialize and catch up seeing as I don’t live near brum to see them often 😦

So from my memory the lads that made it where

Pete ( @Petehumpage Team Capt)

Adam ( @geekphotoguy )

Stuart ( @CaptainHelvetos)

Luke,who was kind enough to lend me his bastion so cheers again! ( @lukanwhitehouse)

Nick ( @Slaaneshfiend)

Sponge (@79sponge)

Graham ( @wilsongrahams)

Art ( @badsausagesdjs)

Ade (don’t believe he has a twitter? and I hope I have the name right as I’ve only meet him once before Sunday! but had #slugtongue on his shirt!)

Petes lad which again I don’t believe I’ve been properly introduced to yet but had some cool looking blood angels!

And before my brain melts trying to remember who else was there I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone else? If I have I apologise now as my memory is crap! Give me a shout if I missed you and will add you to the roll call of team awesome!

Now before I go on too much just wanna say cheers to pete for getting everyone a snazzy polo top with out own lil nick names on the back! and here’s mine!



Bit of a crap pic but I think it’s a sweet top (although the misses thinks it’s a bit too geeky!) Will make sure I wear it out at the apoc game I’m having at the end of the month and hopefully do the lads and the name proud!

But back on track now!

So the idea of the day was for members of each club to face off against each other in one on one battles. As we had a lot of players go along the more tourney members ended up playing against the power gamers from other clubs (I believe it was pete,adam,nick and ade and luke,in the 2nd game of the day, that played them guys) while the rest of us played some friendly games between us. Now I was fairly happy with this as the other lists looked scary! How ever next time I fancy myself against some of them guys with the list I had. So in the end I had a game against Graham and his Orks, which was great as I’ve never played against Orks or Graham in fact. I’ve seen him battle against Nigel ‘the wizard with a brush’ Bartlett (@NigelSBartlett) a few times and it looked like a fun yet crazy army (and it was!). I won’t bore you again with my list but here’s a link to a previous post with it here , and here’s also a pic of said army!



Between us we felt it appropriate we play a rynn’s world sorta game and picked purge the alien game with a dawn of war set up. As there was a spare bastion on the table as well I ended up using that as well-being the ‘defender’ in the game (however it did bugger all,all game!) Now the plan I was planning on using with this army is a classic steeeeeeeellllll rrrrraaaaiiinnnn! Sorta! One pod to drop behind enemy lines, Then 2nd turn for the 2nd pod and speeder to deep strike next to it using the locator beacon. While the Scouts and 3rd tact sqd to hide in cover (or in the case a bastion each) while the libby goes with the centurions in the LR;C and the MotF to stick with the vindi to try keep it alive! Now I admit I forgot to take a notepad to make a detailed report (doh!) So I don’t remember too much of the details as I was having too much fun playing and chatting with Graham about the twists and turns in the game and all sorts about the hobby. If you don’t have this guy on twitter go add him, one of the nicest guys you’ll meet with a great looking army who’s always happy to give tips about the game!

So this is how I ended up setting up:



As Graham had decided to deploy 1st and going 1st I set up the bastions so i had one each covering both sides, while the raider had some cover behind trees and the bastion, while the vindi hid behind the other bastion with the MotF close by.

This was Graham’s set up:


He also had 3 deffcopters just out of shot to the left and his dakka jet in reserves. Now this is quite a scary line up to look at! With most of Graham’s trucks shooting forward and his dread lumbering forward I was a bit worried, and even more so in the shooting phase!

I never realised that lootas could shoot at a range of 48″ and they get d3 shots! which they managed to get 1st turn and tore into my tact sqd in the bastion and taking half of them out! while the dread shot at the scouts killing a few! I admit i was looking a bit glum at this point thinking this was going to be a long day! So here I come my 1st turn, going risky as always I dropped my 1st pod,containing the sqd with the grav gun and h.bolter, right behind his trucks. And thankfully it landed on target! Always seems to land where I want it! While my LR:C moved forward slightly into a shooting position. While the vindi stayed where it was as it had a clear shot of his trucks!

2014-04-06 11.23.56


Even more surprising was my vindi got a shot off and landed on target! taking a HP of both the wagon and the truck. While the LR (or maybe the scouts can’t remember which) managed to immobilize the dread! And the tact sqd also took a HP off the wagon as well i believe. So over all I would still say Graham had the edge into turn 2, again moving his truck forward along with his other battle wagon he disgorged a load of orks facing my tact sqd! And along came the dakka jet too! Just what I wanted, the more he focused on the sqd behind him the more I could manoeuvre my troops at the front. His other truck stormed forward and throwing out more ork boys aiming for the vindi as well the board was looking very green and yellow! His copters also stormed forward taking a HP off the vindi. And the sqd at the back took a few hits as well! But I was holding out. On to my turn, on comes my 2nd pod landing next to the other one containing the sqd with the MM and flamer aimed at the lootas in the ruins. Also thankfully my speeder comes on deepstriking at the locator beacon facing al missiles at the rear of the battle  wagon killing it in ONE shot! And my talon come flying on preparing to have a dog fight with the dakka jet with it dead centre of its sights and somehow also downing it 1st time! The vindi blasted a truck to a smouldering wreak (but then again all ork trucks already look it!). And the cents and libby popped out the raider. The raider in turn blasted most of the orks in my back lines to shreds while the MotF and tact sqd blasted the copters down to one while it started flying away. The flamer guy killed 5 lootas on his own! Forcing the rest to run out the building to ground floor.

2014-04-06 11.23.59

Although it was starting to look a bit better things where still fairly even at this point as Graham still had a lot let on the board. His orks at the back pretty much took the rest of the sqd off at the back leaving one man on his own. Yet failing the charge on him! His lootas regrouped and formed a line ready to shoot my tact sqd only inflicting minor damage. The speeder was also charged and taken out, yet it did its job! The vindi was also taken out as well (no surprise there!). Pretty sure the scouts where shot at again by the dread killing another one. With my talon turning around and taking a shot of the battlewagon and also finishing it off it cleared a bit more space! My cents moved forward lining up a shot at the nobs at the back of the field, this is why I chose to have 1 grav and 2h.bolters on them. The grav did minor damage being rubbish against orks, the h.bolters on the other hand teared right through them, and with the imp fists tactics allowing me to re-roll all ones! The tact sqd managed to kill the last copter and the MotF aimed at the orks at the back line Wiping them out. While my other tact sqd piled its guns into the lootas forcing the rest to flee off the board!

Grahams mek boy made a dash towards the flashgitz to join up with them while his truck tried to run down the MotF! Yet with ork driving he stepped aside!

2014-04-06 13.02.27

Must be honest as my memories failing me a bit so might have to summarise some of the rest of the epic fight! By this point i’ve managed to get the upper hand a bit by taking out some of the more dangerous units like the lootas and 2 battle wagons while killing his warlord. His truck tried to run over my MotF, again missing! He finally took out my scouts along with my talon! boo! I replied in kind by killing his truck, while finishing off his nobs and boys at the back, while the raider took another hp of the dread. My libby left the cents to go wonder, while he took off after the mek and the flash gitz! In the last turn Graham had a pop at the cents without any luck! Now onto my last go, which in a way was to fire everything on the remaining flashgitz! Chief Librarian Singer unleashed a psychic scream inflicting EIGHT wounds! How I have no idea but most of the orks fell. While the tact sqd in rapid fire ranged took a toll on the orks while the cents finished up!

2014-04-06 13.44.20

With nothing but a immobilized left standing the game ended there. This was truly a great game against Graham. The end board didn’t reflect how tight the game was at times, sometimes decided by a few lucky dice or Graham forgetting to move his troops before charging! While I kept forgetting to move my LR:C into half range to get full use of the MM! But what made this game great was just having a relaxing game against a great opponent while we chatted about tactics, what we would had done different, our lists etc. While we both felt we didn’t really make any wrong moves once I whittled down his units I had the edge and was hard for him to make a good comeback. Really was a fun close game and look forward to taking on Graham and his orks again!

2014-04-06 13.50.56

This is what remained of my force. In a tourney setting I would still say my cents have a great set up, having options to take on all types of foes. Graham did comment saying I had a well-balanced army with something to take on everything. So I might make a few tweaks and might use this list again next time.

Anyway with the word count almost at 2k I’ll leave it there for now!

Just want to say a massive thanks to pete for organising getting the shirts and inviting me along, and also to all the other guys that make up #ws10gaming for being a great group of people who will always make you feel welcome and always happy to help out!

Now I need to finish off this guy for the end of month apoc game! So till next time stay sexy!

2014-04-08 13.12.34

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